Josh Keyes


Can I pre-order the print?
We do not do pre-orders.

Why can't I buy more than one print?
There is a limit of one print per household.  No exceptions.

I accidentally submitted my order twice and both my orders were cancelled.  What can I do?
We automatically cancel all orders of more than one print to a household, even if they are submitted separately.  

My print arrived damaged.  What should I do?
In the unlikely event the print arrives damaged, please report it to us within 48 hours of receipt of the print. All returns will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Most of the time we will ask you to return the damaged print in its original tube.  Once we receive it, we will send a replacement print.

I had a print in my cart, but was not able to get my order confirmed, and now the print is sold out.
Adding a print to your cart does not guarantee your order will go through.  The print may sell out before you complete the ordering process.  

Why was I refunded?
You may have been refunded because the print was oversold, or because you did not follow the store policies (such as the one print per household rule).  We reserve the right, at any time after receipt of your order, to accept or decline your order for any reason. We may need to verify any information you provide before we accept an order.  We will notify you if you have been refunded, and process your refund ASAP.

When are new prints released?
We send out email announcements for each new print release.  If you would like to receive these emails, join the mailing list.


Can I ship my order to an address that is not my own?
Your order will be shipped to the address you have entered in your PayPal profile.  

Can I change my shipping address once my order has been processed?
We can only ship to the address in your PayPal profile when your order was processed.  Make sure your PayPal account reflects the address you'd like your print shipped to BEFORE you purchase a print.  

What are your international shipping rates?
Shipping rates are assessed for each print depending on the size & weight of the shipping tube or box.

Why am I being charged additional shipping fees on my international order?
Each country has its own Import Duty, VAT, and UPS Brokerage Fee.  Please note, our international shipping charges do not include any import fees assessed by your country's government, and these additional charges are your own responsibility.  

Will you declare my print to be a gift and/or of reduced value to avoid import fees?
We cannot change our customs declarations.  No exceptions.  We declare the value of each print to be its purchase price. 

How long will it take to receive my order?
Prints will be shipped within two weeks after payment has been received.  Shipping times may vary depending on your shipping address.


Care and handling of a fine art print:

Handling: DO NOT touch the unprotected printed surface of a fine art print - if it must be handled hold the print by the margin edges. Fine Art rag papers are especially susceptible to scratching and scuffing from hands, fingers and foreign objects. When handling a print it is best to ensure your hands are washed and thoroughly dried, better yet wear cotton gloves - oils from your hands can be absorbed into the fibers of the paper degrading its permanence, in some cases causing yellow spotting over time in areas of contamination.

Lighting: It is highly recommended that you avoid displaying in or exposing your printed artwork to direct sunlight. The use of UV filtering glass greatly reduces the affects of sun damage thus extending the life of the print.

Environment: It is best to keep your giclée print in as controlled an environment as possible. Exposure to extreme and/or sudden changes in temperature or humidity can adversely affect the longevity of the artwork. When storing a print it is recommended that you use an acid free barrier material such as a sheet of glassine (if the prints are stacked) or place them individually in mylar sleeves.